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For the pleasure

of eating well!

And the utmost satisfaction of our young clients!

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We are proud to offer products from Quebec by being a member of the organization "Produits du Québec au menu" !!


Of course our kitchen is 100% nut free, we also shy away from other major allergens such as kiwis and other important allergens. We are aware that more and more children are being diagnosed with allergies and our goal remains to have available to parents on our website all the allergenic ingredients recognized by Health Canada for each of our dishes. We want to make it easier to take orders and reduce the risk of allergic reactions to zero!


Enthusiastic and passionate, we keep abreast of all new research, discovery, that affects food, eating habits and general health in order to always offer the best.

We invest in high performance equipment, such as our rotary ovens that heat all of our meals simultaneously and our highly efficient stoves in schools, which we are the only ones to offer.

Our chef uses canola and olive oils only (no trans fat) and we also try to eliminate trans fat in our by-products. With regards to the new Canadian food guide, our dishes are generally supplemented with protein from plant sources and have been doing so for a few years now. We buy lean meats and bake our proteins, never ever any frying. Fruits and vegetables are purchased fresh from local market gardeners or frozen to preserve freshness and nutritional value.


Our menu is above all designed to appeal to children as they represent approximately 97% of our clientele. The latter is often judged wrongly because we strive and it is not always easy, to convert meals loved by children into a "much improved" version and often inspired by the recipes of a lady whom we very much admire, Mrs. Geneviève O'gleman, nutritionist "parents pressés cuisine futée", who preaches that one must be cunning to feed one's children well and we completely agree.


After these last few months which have been, let's face it, completely crazy, it's time to think about returning to a life that we hope will get more normal, and this for the benefit of all!

For our part, we have taken the time to integrate this new reality and to adapt our kitchen and our working methods to the new sanitary measures issued by public health, in order to offer you the safest service. Among others; all our employees will work with visors and masks, our delivery people will wear masks when entering schools and obviously hand sanitizer will be used at each visit. The accessories and equipment that will come back to our facility will be washed in priority upon arrival. Before each shift, employee temperature will be taken and any potential symptoms will be assessed and the required decisions will be made.


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